Monday, April 14, 2008

Ow. My back.

I planted a row of peas on Friday. It's probably too late, but I had to try. Next I'll put in carrots, because apparently those frozen veggies I ate at age three made quite an impression.

Last week I tested my soil, and if the meter is right, it was a bit too alkaline. So I added some sulfur along with fertilizer. I also bought and used a long-handled cultivator, and let me just say ouch. I have a feeling I didn't till quite deep enough, but those few inches were all my spine could handle. Good thing it is such a tiny plot.

Also, when I went to move my mint over, I discovered it was even tinier than I'd thought; there was a shelf of concrete a few inches under the soil at the narrow end. Bah. I'd been wanting to thin the rocks at the wide end anyway, so I moved them down to cover the inexplicable concrete. (My back loved this undertaking, too.)

For today, I think I'll get the carrots in, and keep weeding the potential berry arbor. Fortunately I have a lot more of Jim Dale reading Harry Potter to keep me company.


utenzi said...

That sounds like hard work, Kristen. While I've used a mattock on occasion, I much prefer to just be a weinie and used raised beds for planting.

Kristen said...

It got better after the first day. Like I said, it's a tiny little plot. A raised bed would be cool, but I don't know how to engineer that even if it was possible with that little patch.