Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, the carrots never came up, and the peas aren't progressing. It looks like I need to think of something else to try. Shade looks to be more of an issue than I thought, too. There's a big tree to the side of my house that blocks the sun for a significant chunk of the afternoon. (I finally had a sunny Monday when I could observe.)

My nemesis.

So what now? One of my friends suggested radishes, which I'd actually considered before. I'm also entertaining the notion of trying the carrots again, this time soaking the seeds first.

The good news - the tomatoes have recovered and are growing, although they haven't flowered yet. I'll have to stake them soon. I haven't noticed much growth in the peppers, though. They're still green and healthy-looking, but they don't seem to be much bigger. The herbs are healthy, even (apparently) the dill, and I need to get to the farmers' market this weekend and get a couple more.


christine c. said...

aww, my carrots died too. it took over a week for them to pop up, then transplant, then nothing. should one say RIP to peas, or do they get offended? Good luck!!

Leslie said...

Yes, carrots seem to be a fragile little lot, and according to Matt, his dad's homegrown carrots always tasted bitter. My carrot seeds sprung up beautifully, but like the ones in Jesus' story, most of them withered because of the worries and cares of this life. Keep pluggin' away, my gardening friend. We're learning everyday--I'm off to pick the cabbageworms off my kale!