Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, that was fast

I planted the radishes on Monday, and they sprouted on Wednesday. Now it's Friday and they have visibly grown. I am pleased. There is a lot less waiting around with radishes than with carrots, and it's kind of satisfying. Now if they can just stay cool enough, we're all set.

In other news, I re-staked the tomatoes on Monday night, because I watered and they all fell down. My largest plant was the height of the stake on Monday. This is that same plant today:

Is that not insane? It grows VISIBLY from day to day. It's almost as tall as me. I grant that that's not very tall for a person, but for a tomato plant, I'm impressed.

1 comment:

utenzi said...

That's amazing. I've never had a tomato plant that big. Great work.